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PUBLICATIONS: That's Like Me! Stories About Amazing People With Learning Differences

That's Like Me!

Stories About Amazing People With Learning Differences

What do the trapeze artist, race car driver, and Arctic explorer in That’s Like Me! have in common? They are just three of the fifteen kids and adults profiled in Jill Lauren’s new book about successful people who learn differently. Each person shares his or her inspiring story of facing the challenge of school, while pursuing important goals. Through their voices they

encourage others to work hard and find hobbies that build self-esteem. The foreword is written by award-winning children’s illustrator, Jerry Pinkney (who is also dyslexic).

Author Jill Lauren is known as an expert in her field, and has been teaching kids and adults who learn differently for over twenty-five years. “Time and again, my students have shown me the importance of learning from success stories. Reading about others who have similar struggles enables my students to recognize that they are not alone. They also benefit by learning from the experiences of others.” That’s Like Me! Introduces young children to students and adults from whom they can learn important lessons. Jill Pages had a hard time reading and sitting still when she was young, but she harnessed that excess energy to become a world-famous trapeze artist. Dean Abbey was seven when he was placed in special classes, but racing Legends cars helped him realize the importance of working hard to be successful. Ann Bancroft learned she was LD at an early age, but her difficulties in school were no match for her love of outdoor adventure. In fact, her “go get ’em” approach to academics was exactly what helped her to become the first woman in history to cross the ice to the North Pole. Each of the fifteen profiles illuminates a way to navigate school, and stresses the importance of finding a hobby that makes kids feels empowered.

Read these moving profiles and others in this essential children’s color picture book. It is sure to comfort, inspire, and educate children with learning disabilities and the adults who support them. An invaluable resource list for adults and students is included, as well as a place for kids to write their own success stories.

Praise for: That’s Like Me! 
Stories About Amazing People With Learning Differences

Jennifer Lann, Librarian,

Landmark College

I love the book's layout and tone. One of our Education classes has a mentoring program in which our students are paired up with local middle school students who regularly visit our campus. Sometimes they meet in the Library and look for books of interest, and sometime that includes books on LD.  Having age-appropriate books that are nevertheless cool is perfect for such visits.  I'll be sure to order a copy.”

Richard D. Lavoie, Author, The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child; Creator, How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop

Mark Twain once counseled a young author: — If you want to tell a story, don’t say ‘The woman screamed’. Rather, bring her on and let ‘er scream.— In THAT’S LIKE ME!, Jill Lauren follows Twain’s sage advice. Rather than telling the stories of successful children and adults who struggled in school, she “brings them on” to tell their own inspirational stories. Throughout this extraordinary book, the reader meets sixteen children and adults who faced great challenges in the classroom, but who have accomplished much. These successes did not come easily and seldom occurred without the devoted intervention of their parents and teachers. Their stories are a source of inspiration to struggling students…and the adults who care for them. The journey through childhood is a difficult one for students who – through no fault or choice of their own – must struggle with their learning disorders. THAT’S LIKE ME! introduces us to sixteen new “guides” who will assist us in this journey. Jessica, Dean, Nikki and the others provide a map, a compass, a full canteen..…and even a snack or two along the way.  This wonder-filled book is a source of invaluable information and inspiration for all those 'kids in the back of the room.' Read it…re-read it…and read it again.”

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